Wednesday, May 13, 2020

"New Normal" Jobs for Filipino Artists and Designers Which Can Be Found Online

There are jobs to do with art and design in many industries, whether you actually want a career as an artist or designer yourself or would prefer to look after works by important Filipino artists or help others appreciate art.

Art careers come in all shapes and sizes. They can be also found in the internet. There are work from home art industry jobs creating original works, selling and promoting them, and displaying them to the public in museums and galleries. There are online jobs teaching others about art and jobs helping people to express themselves through art.

What if you can provide your services, talents, or skills as an artist while still quarantined at home under the “new normal”? Anyone interested to hire you can then avail of the service and pay you for it – all done remotely. Wouldn’t that be great?

Sign-in and showcase your skills as proud Pinoy Artist to earn extra income NOW!

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